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Marco Candida - Il mostro della piscina

Marco Candida

Il mostro della piscina

titolo horror
Daniel P. Schweitzer , studente di Creative Writing presso University of North Dakota


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Monster Lake
di Daniel P. Schweitzer

Danny sat at her desk with a single lamp giving dim light. She prefers dim light. Even though no one was around, she didn’t want to show the tears in her eyes. Every drop that fell a little bit of love between her and her husband was lost. They drifted apart after the death of their son. A death she could never forget. Danny blames herself for her son’s death. Deep in her eyes she knows her husband looks at her like she has a guilty conscience.
She opened her diary with thoughts of depression. Looking back at the times when she neglected her son forced the tears out of her eyes. It was a time when she verbally abused her son, the time she regrets.

Four months after they moved to a new location in Grunden, Nevada her trailer house got unsanitary. Papers, animal feces, and broken whisky bottles was scattered across the floor. Month old dirty dishes on the counter. Danny was drunk sitting on the floor in her nightgown. She had a half full whisky bottle in her hand. It was ten in the morning. When her son walked in the door she gave him a violent look.
“Where the hell were you?”
“I was at my friend’s house. You told me I could go.”
“I’m your mother. You’d rather be at your fucking friend’s house then worry about me!”
“You said it was ok.”
“Oh yeah, it’s all about you. We have to worship you. What about me, the person who squeezed you out of my crotch. You were a fucking mistake. I could’ve got an abortion. Why don’t you go and kill yourself and make the world a better place!”

Danny opened her journal. The eerie illumination gave enough light to see the paper. Writing her thoughts down gave her slight comfort. In her mind she’s a narrator of her past, present, and future.

Danny’s Journal
The times have gotten better for my family, and yet I feel like I’ve became nothing. The Words of an Innocent Child gave my family everything they wanted. All the material objects they ever wanted. Why did it bring me down? Was it the meaning of the book? What did the book became? A best seller, a personal note, a cry to others, a fraction of my depression. Sorrow of a Fallen Mother would have been a better title for my book.
I still blame myself for the death of my son. The reason he ran out, the reason he got killed is my fault. What animal could have done this? Authorities say that a pack of coyotes attacked him. I have my doubt that’s true. I lived here for almost nine years and I haven’t seen a coyote or a pack of them that aggressive. Coyotes don’t attack in the water.
Danny Scallard
Closing her diary gave her wonders about life, how much time she had before she dies. Something a thirty year old woman should never have to think about. It’s nearly ten P.M.

She got into her car and drove down a dirt road. Trees on each side bared the images of faces. The bare and pointy branches seemed like they were reaching out to Danny. Some seemed like they wanted her soul, and others reached out for desperate help.
Other than Danny’s family not one soul lives near Lake HiTra, a lake isolated from society. Many abandoned farm yards scattered between Danny, her brother and parents.
Denis [Danny’s dad] and Kevin [Danny’s brother] were cleaning the lake. They were starting a farming business. Danny gave her parents the cash to invest in this business. A business that she believes was a waste of money.
Kevin was standing in the lake lifting an old rusted wire out of the water. The barbed stabbed him through his work gloves. He threw the wire in the water. “Goddamn wire!” He wiped his forehead with the back of his glove. A full grown man, a working man struggled with his pennies and physical energy for this new business in a city holding a failing economy.
In Danny’s thoughts this major project would quietly disappear into the financial system. Grunden would forget it existed. It was a morbid time, not only for the cost-cutting person but for Danny and her family’s personal life. The time was horrible for starting a business, but her parents felt there was no choice.
Kevin walked up to her. “How are you holding up?”
“Sometimes I look back wondering if it actually happened.” With a pause she looked down at the ground. “Last night I had a dream. I woke up to realize the death of my son was just a dream. I held him in my arms and sang the forgotten lullaby.” Tears formed in her eyes. “When I woke up I started to cry. That place is where I want to be for all of eternity. Sometimes I ask the question, ‘If I end my life will I be with my son?’”
“Danny, don’t talk like that. Boo got expelled from elementary school. He was fighting again. Some kids made fun of how he’s taking this situation. He got mad and physically attacked them. When his mom was here she was the only thing he had.” He looked at his dad. “Actually I was hoping that you would take him fishing tomorrow morning. Do something to take his mind away of this whole situation. He needs to relax and view what life can be.”
“Sure. I’ll take him tomorrow morning. But he does have an important person in his life. The person who taught him how to hunt, fish, ride bike, drive ATVs, and play sports. You are the most important person in his life right now.”
“Jesus Christ Danny.” The roaring engine of a tractor caught the attention from both of them. They turned their heads to see Denis backing a tractor up into the lake. Kevin rubbed his short cut facial hair before saying. “We’re in our darkest hour. Here I am working my ass off for a business that probably will fail while my son grows more psychotic. You’re the only one who became successful.” He looked out to the lake. “Once we clean the lake it will be gorgeous. But the deformed fish…” He shook his head. “I don’t know if it’s from the oil spilled over the years. If you catch anything tomorrow just throw those fuckers on the shore. Even if they look normal don’t bring them back.”
“I know Kevin.”

Early in the morning Danny and Boo cast two fishing liners off the old fishing dock. The calm morning, the smell of dew on the grass, the small breeze was less than perfect in the eyes of Danny. The way the sun peaked over the east hill was a living portrait of her new life.
Boo looked up and spoke to her. “This is a nice morning. I’m glad you woke me up to go fishing.”
“Things are pretty bumpy for you right now. You need to relax with a unaggressive sport. Something not too physical. You’ve been under a lot of stress.”
Boo had no expression on his face. “Do I remind you of your son?”
Without a clue how to respond she slowly reeled the fishing line in. Her rod bent. “Shit. I got a snag. Reel yours in.”
Boo’s rod bent as he reeled it in. “Auntie Danny, I’m stuck too.”
They both jerked the rods trying to get the line loose. A loud grunt came from the water. Danny looked down and whispered, “What the hell.” Danny jerked her rob once more in attempt to free the line. “It sounds like there’s an animal down there.” Both lines slowly moved to the side. As they moved she followed them with her eyes without moving her head. “We got something.”
“Yeah, should I reel it in?” Boo said.
“If you can.” The two lines stopped moving.
He started reeling it in with all of his strength. The line didn’t budge, the rod bent more so then it already was. “I think I’m stuck again.” The line started to move in the opposite direction. “We have to have some fish on our lines.” The lines began to move in a semicircular motion.
“Yeah.” Whatever they had took off fast ripping Boo’s rod from his hands. Danny’s line snapped. She looked down towards her nephew. The palms of his hands were bleeding. “Are you ok?”
“Yeah. What did we have? An alligator?”
Grabbing him by the shoulders she pulled him back. “I don’t know. Let’s go get grandpa and dad. They would know. We can get the fishing equipment when we come back with your dad.”

Seven-thirty in the morning they reached back to Kevin. At the edge of the lake he was pulling old rusted pieces of farm equipment out. Denis was a few yards away pulling larger equipment out with his tractor. They both noticed Danny’s car pulling up. Kevin dropped what he had and Danny got out of the car following by Boo.
“I thought I would take this opportunity to take a break. We’ve been out here since five,” Kevin said. He looked at Denis who was also approaching. “I think dad needs a break too.”
Denis walked up to the siblings. “Hi Danny. Your mom gave me a call this morning. She’s coming back today for a visit.”
A lost relationship between Danny and her mom, Bethany was reunited after Danny wrote a book that told the world about her mistakes. A book that’s more of an apology then an autobiography told her mother that Danny realized what she did. Danny, former drunk and druggy, poured her sorrow into that book and she knows how Bethany viewed that book. Their relationship is still shaky.
“Well that’s good.” Danny looked up to Kevin with wonder in her eyes. “This morning we thought both of us got snagged on a rock or log or even some old farming equipment. It was an animal. It grunted. The lake was so murky we couldn’t see what it was. Could it be an alligator?”
“Was a low rumbling grunt?” Denis asked.
“It was a high pitch grunt, almost like a scream, with a low growling tone to it.”
“Shit I don’t know. Does not sound like an alligator.” He turned to Kevin. “What do you think on this?”
Kevin stared into the air. “It could be a fucked up alligator. When we first moved here Trish and I went fishing a lot on this lake. We always caught fucked up fish in that lake. We would catch these disgusting square suckerfish. No scales, about two feet long and wide. The sucker or mouth or whatever the fuck it was stretched as long as the body of the fish. It was like an elephant’s trunk.”
“Oh, I caught those fish too.” Denis said. “I remember the freaky times like when Trish caught that pike. It looked normal but the noise it made, Christ. The way it snapped its jaws at us, wasn’t normal. Or that catfish that had a weird face. It looked like a miniature bald man with the body of a fat catfish.”
Kevin put his arm around Danny. He said, “There’s no fish in that lake, only monsters. When we get this lake cleaned up and get rid of those fucked up fish we’ll have a drinking spot for the cattle. Maybe our business will take off and we’ll be able to put real fish in it.”
Danny said, “This whole lake is a monster. Even if you and dad got that lake cleaned up you still have to worry about toxins in the water. I wouldn’t have cattle drink from that lake.”
Kevin said, “I’m going to take a small break.”
Denis replied, “Yeah, I’ll continue to pull large feces out of this shithole.”

They approached the fishing dock that Danny feared. She feared what could be in the lake. Boo followed Danny, she hid behind Kevin as he bravely approached the end of the dock. He bent down and reached to grab something. It was hard for Danny to see what Kevin had. He said, “I got a fishing pole.” It was Boo’s pole. Kevin reeled it in. “Well there’s something hooked on, but I don’t think it’s an alligator or any other type of animal.” He looked back at Danny pulling the object on to the dock. “It’s a bear leg.” Danny Gasped as Kevin pulled the brown clawed leg from the water.
“Oh my god, Boo was right. We must have had an alligator,” Danny said.
Kevin shook his head. “It would have to be a hell of an alligator to take a bear. Maybe a mother croc.”

Walking into Kevin’s garage Danny saw a large tarp covering a very large vehicle. She turned to Kevin and said, “Can I see what you’re working on?”
He walked up to it, moved a canister of gunpowder off the large vehicle and tore the tarp off. “It’s nearly finished. A hovercraft and a yacht in one. This could be the news of the century.” He rubbed his thumb across of it. “Or it could be the next big joke.”
“What are you going to call it?”
“I was thinking, Around the Watchtower. You know after, All Around The Watchtower”
“Whenever I got confused and thought life was a joke, I worked on her.”
A white van with a red cross on it pulled up. “Our mom is here!”
As Danny ran out she saw Denis jogging towards the van. He helped a man dressed in white to reel a wheelchair up to Bethany on the passenger seat. Danny ran up. “Mom!”
Bethany said, “I’m sick of the goddamn hospital and their shit tasting food.” She looked at everyone. “Oh lets go inside. It seems like the misquotes could swallow an elephant whole. What are you guys using as a repellant for these devil birds, shotguns?”

The fire was burning bright in the fireplace. Bethany was laughing, “Those assholes don’t know anything. I said I wanted to come here and visit my family in their home for my last wish, and I swear to god this is my twelve last wish.” She kept her spirits high. Danny couldn’t detect any depression in her mom. “Well Danny, how’s the sex life?”
“I just want to know. I want to see another grandchild from you.”
“No, I can’t, not after…”
“Oh please, I know that your son was your life, but they say, ‘life goes on.’ No one can replace your son, but God has a reason for everything. Why am I outliving the numbers doctors are telling me I have left?”
Danny smiled trying to hide her depression. “Um, I don’t know because God loves you.”
“No! I’m living this long to inspire the world that cancer can be beat.” She looked at her wrist watch after a couple of hours talking to the family. “Well it’s almost time to go.”
Everyone hugged her, gave her kisses. Danny ran up the stairs and into the bathroom. She put her hands on the sink. Tears rolled off of her cheeks. She whispered, “The words of a writer. I’m not a writer. I’m a poet.” She heard the van leaving from the bathroom. The phone ran three times before someone answered. “Oh God, please help me.” She closed her eyes for a moment.
Kevin knocked on the open bathroom door. “Danny, are you ok?” She nodded her head as Kevin continued. “Would you come with me tomorrow morning to speak with Boo’s principal?” Danny nodded her head.

Danny’s Journal
What is a poet, a person who writes poems? Humanity takes that word literally and limits the meaning. I can see the sadness in the eyes of an entity crying for help or begging for forgiveness. To me that’s a true poet.
If you ask a classroom of college students ‘what’s a poet?’ the intelligent one will reply: ‘A bum who lives on a bus surrounding with humanity’s scum. The angel who comforts the recent deceased child. The men and women who put their lives online watching and protecting society. The doctor who saved the life of the young or cured the quivering old. The rape victims who carry crying souls. The bitch looking for redemption. The drug addict seeking help.’
These are the darkest times for my family. My mom is losing the battle against cancer. She lived far past the due date she should’ve expired. I’m not sure how that makes me feel? Content that she is still alive. Poignant that she had to suffer this long.
My dad and brother want to open up a business raising cattle for beef and milk. They don’t dare buy ten thousand head cattle. If HiTra is contaminated they could very well lose their invested part and I’ll lose to. Providing tap water to the cattle would be an option but the price to keep the animals alive could triple. This is the worst time at the worst place to try start a farming business.
Tomorrow we have an appointment to talk with Boo’s principal. It seems unfair to kick him out of school. The discriminations are still in the schools, now days mostly by the teachers. They don’t judge people by their race, sex, or disability, but by their history.
Danny Scallard

Danny and Kevin sat down to speak with Principal Gonzales. He spoke. “You must be Kevin and Trish Conner.”
“Ah, no. I’m Danny, Kevin’s sister.”
“So your Roberts aunt.” Principal Gonzales dug through Roberts (Boo) file. “He has a very short temper. I suggested to Kevin try to keep the kid from violence. No violent video games, movies, or music, and to keep him from violent sports such as football and hockey. I would also like to speak with Trish if I can.”
Kevin caressed his short cut beard. “That would be impossible. She is locked away for narcotic use. She became abusive which I think could contribute to his anger. I tried to keep him from physical violent sports but I think your video game and violent movie theory is a bunch of bullshit.”
“The usage of strong language is a big factor in his…”
“You say that, but it sounds like your telling me how to raise my kid. I’ll tell you how to run this fucking school. Other kids were discriminating against him because his mother is a drug addict. They pushed him. He told you over and over all about it and you didn’t do one goddamn thing. But the minuet he pushes back he gets in trouble. I’ll go to the fucking school board on this matter.”
Principal Gonzales was speechless. Danny spoke in a rough, fast tone. “Boo is not the villain, he’s the victim. You knew Trish was in jail, that’s the reason why you took the bullies side.”
“I know you Danny. You got that book published. It is a bestseller,” Principal Gonzales said.
Danny said, “I was once a drug addict and alcoholic. Trish was once my friend, but I was blind. I couldn’t see I was never her friend. My husband left me after my son died. Our mom has cancer. I’m not looking for sympathy from you. I just want you to see what it’s like being a Conner. If it’s not through Boo, then I hope you can see through the words of a poet.”
“I’ll lift the suspension.” Gonzales rubbed his bald head. “I was wondering how Robert got the nickname Boo.”
“He got that name a few years ago. A Christmas gift that means so much to him,” Danny said. Her cell phone vibrated. The collar id said Grunden City Hospital. The haunting fear that her mom died circulated her. She answered the phone. With a surprise look she said, “Dad is in the hospital. They say it’s a farming accident.”

Danny walked in the room with Kevin right behind her. She saw Denis laying with IVs attached. Bethany was right next to him talking, laughing, and kept her spirits high. She looked at the two. “Oh children, your dad is a weak fool. He got attacked by the creature from the black lagoon.”
“Dad what happened?” Danny asked.
“I was pulling large cultivator out of the lake with the tractor and it must have snagged on a large animal. It pulled the whole fucking tractor. I didn’t see what it was. Anyway I fell into the water and an animal attacked me. With all my strength I pulled myself onto shore.”
“Dad,” Danny said. “It could’ve been what Boo and I had on our fishing liens.”
“Could be. It made the same grunting noise that you described.”

Danny’s Journal
These are the darkest times for me and my family. My mom was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago. The tragic death warrant was revealed to her shortly after my son died. With this heartbreaking news my tears spilled. They gave her less than a year to live. I promised her I would clean my act up. I promised her I would apologize to the world. She’s still alive today but I don’t think it’s an achievement, rather a punishment.
I saw her today. I could not stand seeing her like this. She sat in a wheel chair. Anyone couldn’t tell she wore a wig. You couldn’t see the essence of fear in her eyes. I’m starting to think my brother, dad, and I are the only ones who fear for her.

Danny Scallard

“What are you doing?” Boo said.
This spooked Danny. She turned around. “Boo, I didn’t see you. Did you want something?”
“Will Grandpa be ok?”
“Boo, of course he will be ok. Where’s your dad?”
“He’s outside working in the barn. I walked here from our house.”
“Boo! That’s dangerous, especially at night. There’s coyotes, mountain lions, bobcats, badgers, plus that beast in the water.”
Boo backed a few steps. “My dad is not only working on a small yacht. I saw it in the garage. It’s a big gun. He’s making big bullets for it.”
“I know your dad is making a rocket launcher. He’s been working on it since last Christmas.”
Boo took a few more steps back. “You knew? What is he planning to do with it?”
“He has built weapons since he was sixteen. It’s a hobby. You knew that.”
Book took a few more steps back. “Not weapons but hunting rifles, shotguns, bows. Big guns like that are illegal. My mom is in jail and dad would rather make guns than see her.”
“Trish is not your mom but a person who’d rather do drugs than be with you. You’re perfect. There is nothing wrong with you. It’s your mom, she’s a psycho. When she was pregnant with you she was doing heavy drugs. It’s a surprise you’re perfectly healthy.”
Boo turned around and ran. Danny ran out of the room to see him run out the door she followed. She had to run to keep him in sight. The chase lasted a while.
The mist was heavy. Clouds concealed stars. “Boo! Boo! Please don’t go by the lake!” Danny yelled.
Boo became a shadow figure in the distance. Danny yelled once more. “Boo, stay right there. There’s an animal out in the lake!” Her shoes got drenched as she got closer to Boo. He stood in water. “Boo.” Danny felt an eerie presence. As she approached she noticed the frozen stage he’s in. Her jeans became soaked as she moved in behind the kid. “Boo.”
“There’s something in the water, something big.”
Danny slowly placed her hands on Boo’s shoulders. “Slowly move backwards.”
As they began to move something grabbed Boo and pulled him from her grip. Surprised Danny took a moment to look around in disbelief of what just happened. It didn’t take long before fear consumed her. “Boo! Boo!” Against all instincts she moved forward into deeper water. “Boo! Robert, where are you!” She screamed in hysteria.
Something grabbed her by the feet. It felt more like a large opening with massive suction that pulled her in. It felt slimy. It felt soft with jagged rocks sawing away at her flesh. Something large pulled her into the lake. Danny wanted to gasp for air. What kept her under water wasn’t a question in her mind but how to escape this thing. It let go. Danny swam up and gasped.
Fear caused her to swim aortic. “Boo! Boo! Robert where are you!”
“Danny! Aunty Danny, I can’t swim.”
She looked around and saw Boo struggling to stay afloat. She swam over to him and wrapped her arm around him. She didn’t know which way land was. She swam anyway. Fear that the animal would sink them stayed in her mind.

“Where are we?” Boo asked
“I don’t know.”
“Are we going to be alright?”
“It’s hard to say.” Both was exhausted and out of breath. They found a small piece of land in this lake. The night was black. They could hardly see the ground they rested on. “When first light hits we can see how far land is. Hopefully Kevin can see us.”
“My ankle hurts. I think there’s something in it.” Boo started to hyperventilate.
“Boo, just relax. Were out on a very small island at god knows where in the lake without any communications. As long as that animal stays in the water we should be ok until the morning. Now don’t panic because once you start your heart starts beating faster and your injury starts bleeding like, well just stay calm.” Boo nodded his head.
A few feet from them a large splash pierced the silence. Both looked up in alert. Movement in the water was noticed. “Danny it’s that thing.” The movement circulated the piece of land they were on.
Danny said, “My God it’s huge. Just keep your feet on land away from the edge. It can’t leave the water.”
“How do you know?”
“Because I know.” Danny held Boo in her arms. She covered his eyes. Something moved in the water again. “We’re going to be ok.”

Red and blue lights flashed. Sirens blew. Danny opened her eyes to find out she’s in a ambulance. She looked around and then gazed at the paramedics. Tired and weak she forced herself to talk. “Where’s Robert?”
“Just lay back. You lost a lot of blood.”
Danny felt adrenalin. “Where’s Robert. Robert Conner.”
“He’s in another ambulance.”
“Is he ok?”
“I’m giving you a sedative.”
Light went to dark, dark went to thoughts, thoughts went to yelling, and yelling went to whisper. Soon a blurry figure formed. The figure formed to Kevin.
“I’m glad you’re ok. I thought we lost you,” he said.
“Is fine he just needs time. They had to give him some blood. But you, you’re lucky.” He held a jagged object. “They pulled this out of Boo.”
“A rock?”
“A tooth. It’s too large to be an alligator or crocodile. There’s a mother monster in HiTra. I contacted the Game and Fish. Those fuckers are not going to help, they just told me to stay away from the lake. I went to the police they told me the same thing.”

Two days later Danny got released. Her dad is old, they kept him in the hospital to make sure he’ll overcome the blood lose he went through. They kept her nephew Boo. It’s surprising he survived the blood lost he went through.
The two siblings drove to the university. Danny was the first one to walk in the biological classroom. Peter (Danny’s high school boyfriend) stared back with a smile. “Danny! It’s been awhile. I mean I haven’t seen you since…”
“Since I put you in the hospital for going out with my sister,” Kevin said.
“Ah, yeah.”
Danny handed Peter the large tooth. “I’m sorry for being a bitch when we were going out. You have no idea how bad I feel.” He grabbed the tooth and put it in a metal tray as Danny continued. “Is it a large crocodile tooth like in that one movie?”
He inspected it carefully. “This tooth isn’t from a reptile, or a mammal. He inspected it with a magnifying glass. “This looks like it could be from a fish.” He looked at Danny. “Boo, you, and your dad got attacked in the water, right?”
“Yes, and now I’m thinking that my son got killed from that creature.”
Peter said, “I know in the sixties a governor owned company dumped experimental chemicals into the lake to save a few bucks from proper disposal. They tried to cover it up, but a few years later all those weird fish showed up.”

She was pacing outside of her home as a cop car approched. Raindrops fell on Danny’s cheek. She looked up anticipating the worst. She was right. The cop explained to her, her mom fell into coma that night. It started to rain heavily. Danny looked to the sky as the cop left. “God, why are you punishing us? For my son, for my past. I don’t understand.” The rain rolled down her cheeks. The power of depression took over Danny’s mind. Her mom’s fight with cancer finally became insignificant. There was no turning back but surrender to life.
That night she died.

Angered Kevin punched holes in his garage wall. Tears fell from his eyes. “Why the fuck did it has to take our mom?”
“Who?” Danny asked.
“The fucking world.” He turned around and sniffed.
“Kevin, she got cancer a few years ago and she was supposed to die a long time ago. I think that God allowed her to stay here for a while. After all cancer has a natural place in life.”
“This was not natural Danny. If she never smoked she’d never get goddamn cancer. The goddamn government is the one who fucked our mom and your son.”
“What do you mean?”
“The government places those high taxes on cigarettes to make money knowing that people can’t fucking quit. The government caused those goddamn monsters. If they didn’t put chemicals in this mother fucking lake then your son would still be alive. Now I’m thinking that the world is the blame for this fucked up shit.”
“The world didn’t do this, humanity did.”
“Yeah, but humanity came from the world. Humanity plays God all the time. They decide when we die, when to correct mistakes that cause more problems. Fuck!”
Danny put a hand over his shoulder. “Kevin. I don’t know what to say.”
He laughed sincerely. “I know what to do. The world already guessed the government caused those fish to make a buck. I say we go kill that beast in the lake. Take the small yacht to find it, and I’ll take my rocket launcher to blow its goddamn head off.
“I have a name for my weapon, Scorpion Sting. Around the Watchtower will deliver my message.”
Danny spoke roughly. “I will go to. I want to see the creature die.”
Kevin held up a cell phone. “Peter gave this to me. It’s activated, it’s waterproof. Just in case.” He tossed it to his sister. “Just hold on to that.”

Around the Watchtower quickly traveled on the surface of the lake. The midnight sun hailed its heat onto Danny and Kevin. Bumps felt when traveled over logs or grass sticking out of the lake.
Danny’s hair rippled in the wind. “The day’s bright, the sun is a burner. We’re warring jackets. The creature has an advantage over us.”
Kevin turned his head looking at his sister. His sunglasses concealed his eyes. “We have the advantage. One, were in a small yacht pretty much hovering above the water. Two, we have a homemade goddamn rocket launcher. Three, we’re not working on instinct, we actually think, and if that thing outsmarts us, then God met his match.”
Kevin stopped Around the Watchtower somewhere in the middle of the lake. Danny dumped a bucket of meat into the water. “Now let’s see if this attracts that damn monster.”
Danny watched Kevin prepare the Scorpion Sting. Once it got prepared he reached in his jacket and pulled out a cigar. He put it in his mouth and lit it up. “This is my first cigar since I left Trish, or since Trish walked out on Boo and me.” He took a puff from the cigar. “I have two more.” He handed Danny a cigar. “And when we bag this son of a bitch we will celebrate.”
“Celebrate. That’s something I didn’t do in a long time.” She reached in a small container and pulled out a plastic bag. She put her cigar in it. “Just in case.” Kevin handed her his cigar. She placed it in the bag with hers. “Sometimes I think you and I are emotionally immortals never succumbing to suicide after what happened to our family.”
“You still have Boo.”
Danny slowly shook her head. “We’re making a stand of what we believe in and the city will hardly notice. By murdering an unnatural beast Mother Nature won’t care. This lake was brutally raped to make a few dollar bills.”
“Yup.” Kevin stared down something large in the distance. Lifting the Scorpion Sting over his shoulder and aiming it towards whatever was approaching at a fast pace he pulled the trigger. The rocket flew right into it. A mighty explosion threw blood into the air. The creature was no longer in sight. “That was easier than what I thought.” He reloaded.
“Well the creature…”
Around the Watchtower shook violently throwing Danny and Kevin to the floor. The head of giant catfish peaked out of the water. It was so large it could swallow the yacht. It raised its head about five feet above the large boat. Danny jumped off of it. She turned around to see the creature throwing its head onto the yacht. The beast violently tore it apart. It left debris
“Kevin! Kevin!” He wasn’t in sight. She feared that he was swallowed. An explosion a few yards from Danny threw blood into the air. A few moments later there was another explosion on the other side of Danny.
Through the echoes of splashing Kevin took a big gasp and yelled, “Danny, get down, I got two rockets left!”
Quick to swim down at least ten feet she looked up to see the giant catfish. With its mouth open it swam after Danny. A rocket flew by her and into the catfish’s mouth. After the impact the beast was quick to swim in the opposite direction. The second rocket completely missed. The two siblings quickly swam to the surface and near piece of land.
The large fish leaped over the piece of land where the siblings crawled on. Kevin quickly pulled out his pistil. He shot the fish a few times before it slammed into the water. They got drenched a second time from the fish. He put his pistil down. Both of them crawled onto their feet.
They saw the catfish swimming away. Danny took the plastic bag holding the cigars from her jacket. She put one in her mouth and handed Kevin the other. Kevin reached under his jacket for a lighter in a plastic bag to light both cigars.
They watched the giant cat fish swam into the distance as Danny raised the cellular phone to her ear with a lit cigar in her other hand.
Danny’s Journal
My mom’s legacy will live on, but not through me. I will only be a messenger of life, a leader of salvation. I’d like to say that I changed from my past. That’s untrue. I’d like to say that people can change if they really want to. The truth is we disguise our disturbing nature with kindness and smiles. We lay below the earth trying to rise above the sun. No one is taught to stop, but to deny the truth through visual acting and keep tears in secrets. I will not be one of those.
We stood up to it. Now I sit here with questions. Who won? I will fight on with a new league. Not secrecy, or protestors, but the league that belongs to the pen. We will serve ink as a poison. The pen is mightier than the corrupt system.
Honesty needs to be told when truth lies in tears. My work is just beginning. I will fight through the words of a poet, but in the end it could be meaningless like the battle in HiTra. To make a stand seems significant in an insignificant world.
Scallard is dead to me. I’m going to take my true name back.
My journal is full. This is my last entry. Take care.
Danny Conner

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