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Marco Candida - Il mostro della piscina

Marco Candida

Il mostro della piscina

titolo horror
Daniel P. Schweitzer , studente di Creative Writing presso University of North Dakota


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Disturbing Feelings
di Daniel P. Schweitzer

Indian Girl

I keep my soul behind closed doors
Shadows of the night consume my mind
Now I lay in the center of the dark core
Until someone breaks this bind

I mourn the spirits sleeping somewhere cold
Crying for the fallen love at my feet
I can remember her arms grasping me in a hold
Now I can feel my fading heart beat

Felt the darkness that grew around my soul. For every step up the hilly graveyard her friends, my friends shed ten thousand tears. I don’t know if it was fate or punishment. Someone told me that God works in mysterious ways. It will be a matter of time before he calls us to our final judgment. Another one I heard, God is always watching everywhere at all times. If that’s true then he has a sick sense of humor. I didn’t think it was funny the morning I woke up, and the pride in my life didn’t.
The time I found her with a pale bluish skin tone wasn’t funny. The way she was breathless wasn’t funny. God must think the way I reacted was humorous.
We reached our destination. A hole in the ground was going to be the eternal resting place of my daughter. She was only six years old.
The day of her sixth birthday party she wouldn’t wake up. The kids at her party were afraid to go to sleep for many years. They were afraid they wouldn’t wake up.
Watching her small coffin being lowered into the hole tore my heart apart. At that time I was trying to hold the tears back. Few tears spilled from my eyes while everyone else was crying hysterically. Hearing the speech Father Barrie did little to lift my spirit.
“This day we gather to give our final farewell to this young girl. Sandra had a big smile that could cause rainy days to turn sunny. I will miss seeing her in church, shaking her hand, and escaping reality hearing her stories.
“But this is reality. She left this world leaving her father, Mathew Barns, and her big sister, Keanna. It was heavily raining earlier today. That is why we are out here in the night.” Father Barrie kept his head low. Out of nowhere he attempted to give an explanation but I didn’t buy it. “My head is weighted down from the sadness I feel. I notice moonlight reflecting from the wet grass. Tell me, are the clouds gone?”
An old nun that followed us out there spoke. “There clouds are gone father. The stars are shining brightly tonight.”
“So the road to heaven is paved. The moonlight will be her guide to the gates.”
Thirsty Grizzly was empty tonight. I don’t know if it was from the storm earlier or the whole town was mourning the death of my little girl. I sat at the bar taking shots of whisky pointing at the glass whenever I wanted another shot.
Nancy Robert, the president of Thiera Asylum, my boss, walked into the bar and sat down beside me. She looked at me with an emotionless face. “Matt, my daughter called me and said she’s babysitting for you. So why aren’t you home with your daughter? She lost her sister.”
“Keanna is still asking me when her sister is coming home. She doesn’t understand death. Keanna asked me that several times. I can’t take it anymore.”
“Your daughter has a mental handicap, I wouldn’t leave her. Try describing death to her.”
“How can I describe it to her when I don’t understand it?” Nancy put her arm around me. “First my wife got murdered, than my son got hit by a drunk driver and now Sandra suddenly passed from blood clots.” I paused for a moment. “Look, I will be back at work tomorrow.”
“For Christ sake you just were at your daughter’s funeral! You need the time to cope with this,” Nancy said.
“I put my mourning time in. I cried for the last few weeks. I accepted the fact that my girl is gone. Now I want to live my life. And Keanna is perfectly healthy, other than, you know. I hope she outlives me.”
“I’m sure she will.” Nancy looked at the ground. “If you really want to work, you can start at seven this morning. If you need more time you can stay at home. You don’t even have to call me to tell me you want more time.” She got up and rubbed my head before walking out the door.
I pointed at the empty shot glass that was right in front of me. The bartender, filled my shot glass with whisky once again.
Knowing what those psychos are thinking, hearing their creepy voices in my mind, I was prepared to face them tomorrow. Many can’t talk, few won’t, and a couple will.
The door slowly opened. Father Barrie looked in the bar. It didn’t take him long to spot me, the only person in the building besides the bartender. Putting his hand around me gave little comfort. He said, “Some weather we’ve been getting. Hurricane Delago is having a major impact on our weather. The ground was frozen to a few days ago, snow storms down south, and violent weather all across America.” He ordered a shot of whisky. Grasping the small glass he spoke before taking that shot. “I saw Nancy. She told me that you’re returning to work tomorrow. You’re hanging out at a bar immediately after your child’s funeral. You should be in mourning.”
“Yeah, but Father, I put a few weeks of mourning in. That’s enough. If the ground wasn’t frozen my girl would’ve been buried a few weeks ago and I’d be returning to work anyway. I’d be at this bar getting drunk anyway.”
“God has a plan for everyone, his plan will…”
Outraged at what he said I stood up and yelled, “God has a plan. So his plan is to torment me by killing my wife, my son, and now my daughter. Oh yeah, I can see his plan. You won’t see me at church anymore, so fuck off!”

Indian Woman
Hear the Indian woman, playing nature’s band
Come and find the Indian woman, play in her beautiful land
Walk with the Indian woman, leaving footprints in the sand
Talk with the Indian woman, your whispers will fall into her hand

Indian woman will teach the white guy
Indian woman will never tell a lie
Indian woman, letting the spirits fly
Indian woman souring to the city in the sky

Six forty-five I showed up at the asylum with a cup of coffee in my hand wearing a security jacket and hat. Though I successfully concealed my depression, signs were leaking out- I was walking slower or my head was often down but when I entered the main office I buried those feelings.
Nancy had a walky-talky in her hand looking disappointed. “Matt, there will be three of us. The other one is Drake, who gets trained in today.”
“Didn’t you here? The north side of North Dakota is getting hit with a severe winter storm with temperatures as low as negative fifty.”
“Jesus, we just had the first April shower. Where are the night guys?”
“I sent them home. If it hits us it will hit hard.”
“Only in North Dakota.”
Nancy took a deep breath. “Not really. This bizarre weather is a result from Hurricane Delago. They said it just upgraded to the most violent and deadly hurricane in history spawning storms all across America and south Canada. Right now Hurricane Delago is hanging around the Gulf of Mexico.”
Fear for what may come I asked, “Did the bus show up?”
“The one transferring the insane out picked them up here, but the one transferring those criminals here had to make a stop until the storm passes.”
“So how many are left here?”
She handed me the inventory paper. The ones left here were the most disturbing, insane people in the world.
1. Scabs-
He was the most-sane person of this asylum. The man didn’t officially harm any humans. He’s here because he ate animals- alive. I’m not talking about fish or insects, or anything like that. Cats, dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, animals like that. I don’t think he’s a threat to us. He shouldn’t be in the asylum.
2. Hammer Man-
This is the person you don’t really want to fuck with. He’s not fat but a huge guy. Rippling muscles cover his body. Self-induced scars cover his muscles. His face looks all fucked up. To hide his face he wears a big metal horse mask over his head. I don’t know how he did this but he has long blades attached to each elbow bone. One on each side of the elbow making four blades that extends past his hands. Twenty-three lives fell by this man who never spoke a word.
3. Ghost-
A beautiful young blond woman with a mind of a child and a soul of a serial killer kept on waiting for her parents to return. FYI- she killed her parents. She likes to wear white dresses, you know the kind little kids wear or you find on porcelain dolls. Talking about porcelain she likes to wear a white mask of a face with no emotions. Twelve people fell by her hands.
4. Scavenger-
She was blind since she was found as a young girl. No documentary of her birth or missing girls matching her description, no DNA matches. So many professionals saw her but could do little. The biggest question is now where did she come from. The way she moves is animalistic. She was found hundreds of miles from society. I wonder if wild humans actually exist. I also heard of little kids being raised by wolves. But this one is blind, which would explain the reason she’s traveling so far away from her parents/wolf pack. Of course those are my theories. She killed five hikers and blamed for twelve missing hikers.
5. Kristie-
Long black hair, nice body, she would almost be perfect if she didn’t cut words into her arms. She is a typical slasher, also the worst one in here. One hundred forty two souls were taken by her before the F.B.I. got a hold of her. Smart, quick, and she knows how to blend in society without being detected.
Times of the Monsters
Come and see your biological clock tick out
Beautiful punishment is marked by the naughty
It seems like the time when death came about
Accept my value of art carved into your body

The time of art will change
The wrong person we will blame
The justice system will be the same

Rapists, abusers, murders are the youth of this nation
The writers who use blood is the artists of the darkness
Look into the heart of the cold soul of the next generation
Then we will see the babies born soulless and heartless

The time of art will change
The wrong person we will blame
The justice system will be the same

Someone walked down the hallways. It must have been Drake. Squeaky shoes. Security jacket drenched in white. A cup of coffee in his hand. He wore a smile on his face when he walked in. “Oh Nancy, it’s terrible. Thiera looks like Hell, you know if Hell ever froze over. It’s like winter ambushed us.” He looked at me. “Mathew. What are you doing here so early?”
I lifted the coffee to my lips. “Working.” Then I took a sip.
“It’s fine Drake. He wanted to be here, so he’ll show you the ropes,” Nancy said.
Drake, a fairly young man, a trainee. Like me, he had dark hair. Six years on the police force. Five months ago he started training off sight to work here. The pay is way better here than being a cop. I know—I was a cop for a while. Today is Drake’s first day at the crazy house.
“Since no one showed up, I’ll have to show you our duties. Our first job is to feed these psychos. Usually twelve guards are sent out to feed them, but since we don’t have anyone else here we’re the feeders. Good thing there’s only five of them.”
The hallway was long and bare. Doors to empty rooms that usually contain insane criminals were on both sides of the hallway. The bottom floor was empty except Scabs. This elderly man should have been in a community jail not a secure level five insane asylum. I pressed the black button saying talk. “Scabs, here’s your breakfast.”
I unlocked a small slot that was in the center of the door and slid the meal in. Scabs got up and slowly walked up to the door. “Mathew Barns, what are you doing here? You should be in mourning. Your daughter’s funeral was yesterday.”
I said, “You crazy people shouldn’t know this. We don’t talk about the outside world, so how did you know?”
“The walls have ears and the wind whispers. Your heart is made of ice, Mathew.”
“I wasn’t here the last few weeks, that’s enough.” Looking at him gave me goose bumps as if a haunting spirit was in here. “Why are you in here? A man who deserves jail time for a few months is staring at me in a high security insane asylum.”
The next words he spoke haunted my memory. “When a child dies people hardly notice. The ones who care hardly remember the kid. Most parents are tormented by the fact that they’ll never see their kid grow, learn, achieve, and love.”
I knocked on his door with my baton. “Fuck you, Scabs. I read a report on you saying the gruesome pet slaughter is only half the story. You believe Edger Poe is a prophet. A person who saw into the future predicting how the humanity will be. You believe The Raven is the world’s future.”
“Most of that prediction already came true, Mathew.”
“Once upon a midnight dreary,”
“Depression plagues the world. Echoes of crying drown out the feeling of love. Our mind is weakened by it, almost as if it was a type of cancer.”
“As I ponder weak and weary,”
“Thoughts of insignificance mark wrists. People who cave in to this fear of life see into the soul of death. Smiles are becoming lies, lies are becoming the truth. In a few short years the world will cave in by the weight of sadness.”
“Quoth the raven,”
I hit the door again saying, “Get your meal and step back asshole.”

The next one was Scavenger. She was standing at a slope with her dark hair hanging past her shoulders. As soon as I unlocked the slot she made a scratchy grunt and turned her body towards the noise. I pushed the tray in and she immediately ran to it making violent growling noises. The tray fell to the ground as she grabbed for the food.
Drake asked, “Why isn’t she in a strait jacket?”
“Fucking hippie people forced a law in our town. When these crazy people don’t know what they’re doing it’s cruel to put them in a strait jacket. Didn’t they tell you that while you were training in Grand Forks?” He shook his head.
“Why is she nude?”
“She goes ape-shit whenever we force cloths on. We tranquilize her a few times a year to shave her head to maintain her hair length. We just keep that quiet. If those hippies find out it’ll be cruel.”
After we fed them all I showed Drake the evidence room which was in the basement. Strangely the asylum only had the equipment from three psychos. Those three are here. The dress and strap hard face mask from Ghost, the knife from Kristie, the freaky metal horse mask from Hammer Man.
“Wow, isn’t it strange you guys keep the evidence from the insane in the same building they’re locked up in?” Drake asked me.
“Yes, but with this full proof locking system, there’s no possible way for them to get to this shit. Or so I was told.” When this building was built the architects said it was unlockable. For people like these it’s a nightmare, and for sane people it’s too good to be true. When Titanic was built it was magnificent, it was unsinkable.
A static noise shot from my walky-talky and Nancy spoke. “You guys better get back here. We got a situation.”
Walking into the main office I saw something that I never wanted to see here, a young blond woman in blue waste huggers. Her yellow summer jacket was partially unzipped showing a part of her white tank-top. Susie, Nancy’s daughter. Next to her stood my little girl in a blue T-shirt and blue jeans. She had her silver glasses on and her black hair tied in a ponytail. She was in tears. “What happened?”
Susie said, “I brought Keanna to get a movie. The video store closed down. I was driving back home until I couldn’t see one thing outside. I had to pull in. No one lives around the asylum for miles except you who live a few miles away.”
“What the hell are you wearing?” Nancy asked.
“Well mom, it’s April. The weather cast was supposed to be in the high seventies. The weather said, last night, those thunder storms all over Canada weren’t going to hit us. They were right.”
I got down on my knees and put my hand around Keanna. “Hey pal, what’s wrong?”
Keanna said, “You told me I should never, ever come here. I’m sorry, Daddy. Am I in trouble?”
I petted her head. “Don’t worry about it.”
Susie said, “It’s havoc out there. The ground unthawed a few days ago, now were facing a new epidemic called Delago.”
The times can’t get any worse than being trapped in the crazy house because North Dakota is having history’s worse winter storm. Winter impales spring. Birds are singing no more. The spring bees die on this day. The office TV was on the weather channel. The storm keeps on getting worse. Temperatures are record low.
Susie is playing with my daughter pretending to be at a tea party. They brought a toy tea set here. It’s good that Susie is keeping Keanna busy. She would be asking about her sister.
The TV suddenly went to a blank screen. My walky-talky made a static noise before someone started to speak on it. “Great, now we’re running on backup power. Where’s God now?”
Ten A.M. hit. My daughter was sleeping in Susie’s lap. A coffee machine poured more coffee in my cup. Drake paced back and forth. Nancy put her walky-talky down with a nervous look on her face. I stood in the corner wanting a cigarette more than anything.
Nancy spoke. “The temperature is pushing a hundred below. The storm is getting worse.” Drake asked why Nancy was so nervous. She replied. “The storm is making me nervous. And, well…”
I said, “The locking system we have here is said to be a full proof system. This locking system is a connection of all cells, except the door to the main office. If the electricity goes out the all of the doors simultaneously open, the front door locks automatically when power outage so no one can get out. Everyone is stuck inside even me.
“This door has a bolt lock but if those psychos really wanted to get in nothing would stop them. We are running on back-power because the main power went out. In the winter the backup generator is in a heated shed we usually turn off at the end of March to save power. The generator supposedly can handle up to sixty negative. It’s negative hundred outside.” I shook my head. “This is one big piece of metal with a few wires running through. The electricity goes out, the heat goes out. Regulations say we can’t bring lighters or anything else that could start fires. Good news, all psychos die in a few hours. Bad news, we die with them.” The lights started to flicker. I rolled my eyes up looking at the lights without moving my head. “Titanic hit the ice berg. That’s a drag.”
The guards have nothing else to defend themselves except these batons which would do little against the insane in here. The lights flickered again before going out. Battery fueled lanterns were turned on in the office. Sound of doors sliding open echoed through the hallways. My daughter woke up and started to cry. The only thing I could think of was Keanna’s safety. Down the hall Scabs yelled my name.
I quickly opened the door to the office and yelled back. “Get your ass over here, Scabs, before they kill you!” The man ran out of his cell and to the office door. Keanna started to cry louder screaming that she didn’t want to die. I locked the door. No one gets in, I hoped. Slamming Scabs against the door aggressively. “If you hurt anyone in this room I won’t hesitate to kill you.”
“Mathew, I could do nothing to you or any other humans.”
It’s been twenty minutes and already starting to get a hell of a lot colder in here. Scabs looked around in my junk, reading the stuff I wrote. “Mr. Barns, this is beautiful poetry, did you write this?”
I had my arms against the wall above my head and my eyes closed. “Shut up.”
“Does the raven of darkness haunt your mind? Does the death of your family pierce your heart? I love dark poetry. If you have the experience of viewing the body of a loved one somehow your poetry gets darker as you write it. It happens to everyone who writes poetry.”
“Shut up, shut up, shut the fuck up! I should’ve left you to get killed by those things out there. To me you’re just another psycho.” My daughter heard me swear and started to cry. I hardly glanced at her. This storm was not letting up. Everyone was scared in this room. Awhile ago they put an experimental power cell in the basement activated by keys. Those psychos out there can’t cut it, can’t turn it off. I had to speak up. “Nancy. What about the power cell in the basement?”
She said, “I don’t know. It will give us little light.”
“Yeah, but it will also give us heat. I heard it worked every time they activated it.”
“That was before this place became…”
“I’ll go. I’ll hook it back up to our power. It may not work but it’s the only chance we have.”
“I will go…”
“Stay here and protect my girl from those crazies with Drake. I know I need two people to activate it, that’s why I’m taking Scabs.” Nancy nodded her head and Scabs looked up making a dumb noise.
My daughter ran over to me and grabbed my waist. “No daddy. I don’t want you to go and die out there. Please stay with me!”
Slightly pushing her head I whispered, “Don’t worry, babe. Please be quiet while Daddy is gone.” Nancy gave the activation keys and flashlights to both of us.
“This is an unusual situation Mr. Barns,” Scabs whispered.
“Shush.” We blindly walked down the dark hallway guided only by a small tunnel of light coming from both flashlights. The beam shined very dimly. Dim so those crazies would have a hard time spotting the beams if we ever had to leave the office.
The basement was a few feet away. Almost there. As we approached the entrance to the basement a nude woman walked around the corner startling both of us. We didn’t make noises. Scavenger walked like she was a hunting animal. A keen sense of hearing and smell came with her blindness. Lifting her head to sniff the air she made aggressive animal noises. It was apparent this nude woman could smell us.
I grabbed my security guard badge of my belt and threw down the hall to distract her. The hall away from Keanna. Scavenger ran towards the noise growling like a savage animal.
Once in the basement the first thing we did walked over to the power cell and put the keys simultaneously turning them. With a low rumble the halls dimly lit up. The heat was back on. Taking both keys out of the power cell I put them into my pocket.
Scabs said, “I’ve noticed the way you interact with your daughter. Like you discriminate against the mental handicap. Because of the disability she’s invisible to you.”
“Now is not the time. It’s really not the fucking time.” The evidence box was empty. They got their masks, their knives, and their costumes.
“We may not survive. Now is the perfect time to talk about this.”
I grabbed Scabs with one hand throwing him against the wall. “It’s my business, not yours. My retarded kid is insignificant to your goddamn survival in this situation!”
I let him go as he spoke. “My greatest strength is amateur psychology. I study it. I research it. I know it inside out. I don’t know if it’s the fact that your kid is mentally handicapped, or maybe it’s the fact that she’s half Indian. That is a difficult question to figure out.”
We moved slowly up the stairs without hesitation to walk back, careful not to make noise. As we approached to the office I noticed the door was busted open. Inside the room a nude woman with dark hair sat in a chair. Words were carved into her flesh. It was Kristie. Twisting a knife with the pointy end digging into her finger tip she said, “Do you ever have the feeling of a raven? Sometimes I feel like a mocking bird or a silencer of lambs. The kind of a girl who’ll fuck a guy violently one minute and the next minute silence him by jabbing a blade into his skull.”
“Where the fuck is my little girl?”
Kristy looked at me like she was staring into my soul. “The little Indian girl is safe. The retard is playing tea party with the retarded psycho bitch. You know the one in a white mask.” Hate burned in her eyes. Violence shined in her soul. She grabbed a small notebook and threw it across the hallway.
From around the corner Scavenger came. Her lips were snarling. Her growls echoed through the asylum. She ran up to us grabbing Scabs like a savage animal. Trying to hit her with my baton did little to stop her. Echoes of screams from a grown man pierced through my soul. Watching him being dragged down the hallway gave me chills.
“And the beast slays the innocent. Creatures of the land wept as it bent down and feasted. Revolution is here. It is the time of the monsters,” Kristie said. She laughed loudly as she walked into the asylum.
I had no choice but to search for the missing.
All alone. Drenched in fear. Hallway light so dim the shadows in the distance seem like they’re moving. Thump, thump. The echo of my heart was tipping off those psychos. The creeks of my shoes seemed to get louder as I slowly moved down the hall. Screams of a young woman filled the atmosphere, screams from Susie. I ran to attempt to help her. Around the corner she was struggling to push Scavenger off. Scavenger was biting large chunks out of her stomach. Scavenger then rose her head, growled violently, put her head down to Susie’s neck and bit the esophagus out. Terrified I quickly backed down the hallway and around the corner.
Hammer Man was waiting around the corner. A metal angry horse mask was staring right back at me. Two long blades attached to his right elbow, one on each side, swung. I avoided the fatal attack by moving out of the way at the last minute. Now his arm extended out in front of him. Now the two pointy blades were ready to impale.
Growling, footsteps, hands banging against the wall grew louder. Scavenger quickly ran around the corner. She jumped up to claw Hammer Man’s face. The two extended blades pierced through her chest driving through her back side. In an instant Scavenger was motionless. I ran down the hall looking back. The large man jerked his arm. The body didn’t fall off. He just walked away with the lifeless woman hanging off of his blades

The odds of survival dropped one hour. The odds rose the next hour. The odds dropped back down and now I find myself slowly walking through the halls looking for Keanna. She was the only concern I had on my mind.
Dancing illumination caught my eye. Soft voices came from that cell. An eerie voice mixed with Keanna’s voice. I looked around the corner. A toy tea-set was on a blanket laying on the floor. I slowly walked up to my daughter afraid to grab her and run.
The young woman with a freaky white mask and a white doll dress on sat across from her. Ghost. Her long blond hair was hanging messily over her shoulders. Their shadows were dancing on the wall.
“Ghost—where did you get candles? How did you light them?”
She freakily moved her head so she was looking at me in that white mask. “I hid them inside of me,” she slowly said. “They were in me for a long time.” She lifted her dress showing a lot of blood coming from an open wound in her leg. “I put the candles and lighter in a plastic bag. When they put you through an x-ray they only x-ray your upper body. I put them in my leg, in the stab hurt my daddy gave me.” She slowly cocked her head. “Do you want to join us? It’s a fun party.”
I fearfully sat down. “Ok.”
“Look, I found someone who’s sick, she’ll join us.” Ghost lifted Nancy’s head up and slowly placed it down in the middle.
Surprised I leaned back whispering, “Jesus.”
“Don’t worry. I found her down the hall. After parting with us she’ll feel better and get back to herself.”
Seriously, I didn’t see this one coming. This place has the stench of death. I can officially say this is a fucked up place with fucked up people in it.
Keanna raised her eyes. she Said to Ghost, “You’re beautiful. Do you want more crumpets?” Keanna extended her hand holding nothing. Ghost grabbed nothing from Keanna. Ghost then grabbed a toy tea cup and the toy tea kettle pretending to pour tea in the cup. Keanna spoke. “You sound like you’re sad. Are you sad? Are you scared?”
“Fear is nothing more than a phase of our minds. Sadness is nothing to fear.” She put the kettle down and rose the cup to her masked lips. “My parents disappeared. They haven’t returned yet. I am patiently waiting.”
“Yeah, my sister’s soul disappeared. They buried her body in the ground. Maybe she’s just hibernating. I heard her voice in the wind. I thought she was awake.” I got up and slowly moved to Keanna grabbing her by the shoulder. “Don’t forget Nancy.” She reached for the head, but I quickly grabbed her hand slowly pulling her away. “But she might be healthy in the morning.” Oh my god. This is a fucked up hour were in.
By the time we made it down the hall I heard someone yelling, “No, all I want to do is play!” A heavy cry. A gargle. I heard death.
Something was coming our way. Kristie was quickly walking towards us. I wanted to run but afraid we may run into Hammer Man around the corner.
Kristie said, “Is that so?” She laughed freakishly.
Picking up my daughter I ran around the corner. Drake was sitting down with his eyes closed. Breathing heavily, blood all over him. Fear hovering in the area. He turned his head towards me and opened his eyes to reveal red eye sockets. “Jesus!” He tried to speak making gargling noises before he died. This was the man I’m supposed to train in. On his first day he fell into a gruesome death.
“Do you like my art work?” Kristy said walking from around the corner laughing freakishly. “I know it’s sad, I know it’s terrifying. People are dying. A Wolverine mother fucker is walking around with a dead girl hanging off of his claws. And you, going back to work after your daughter’s funeral is a way to avoid your retarded girl. Or are you embarrassed that she’s half Indian? You think that God is punishing you for your interracial relationship.” I backed up as she moved towards me. Turning her head looking down at Drake she kneeled. “That girl died quick. The girl with the white mask died quick. I will give your blood to the night.” She stood up moving towards us. Keanna started crying heavily. I held her tight as I moved backwards. “You fucking crazies. Why the fuck are you like this?” I asked.
The woman raised her red arms high. “My purpose in life. I’m fulfilling my purpose in life.” She slowly walked towards us holding the knife high. I held my baton high. “To sacrifice your blood to the night. The night will come and its darkness will consume you.”
Almost to the corner. I heard movement. Something was waiting, watching for the next kill. An arm swung into sight throwing Scavenger’s body at Kristie knocking her down. Hammer Man quickly walked around the corner up to Kristie. He punched her with both arms driving all four blades into her.
I ran holding my daughter tight, he chased. Someone jumped out. Someone pulled Hammer Man’s horse mask off. He had no lips, no eyelids, and there was a big hole in his right cheek. I saw all that before. He screamed swinging his arms. Reaching up to his face caused his blades to cut it up, well what was left. It was Scabs. He was drenched in blood, holding a wooden bar high. The wooden bar was a leg from one of the beds. He ran to Hammer Man driving the wooden steak into his heart. Screams of pain, loud thump, he was dead. My daughter’s cry tamed down to a murmur, then quiet as I concealed her eyes. I sat on the floor holding her. She dozed off. It was all over.
Scabs sat down beside me. “Three lives survived. Many lives were taken since they were born. It’s over.” He looked at me. “What do we do now?”
“We wait to get rescued.”

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